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Second best enchiladas dish I ever had (first being the one at Tacos el bronco); great, filling portion for price; soo saucy, flavorful, and just the right amount of fiery spiciness to the red sauce. I just wish the rice and beans were better in my opinion. I would have preferred the beans to be a smooth, creamy refried paste, the rice to not be as clumpy, to be more flavorful, and as a plus to have some veggies like corn, peas, and carrots be mixed in. So, basically just like tacos el bronco, but that's just me. :)


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Great food, fried pork tacos had a good amount of meat inside, very tasty with radish and lime on the side. Chorizo torta was huge! Sausage was cooked well and all other ingredients such as avocado, jalapeo and sour cream in the sandwich really complimented each other. Guac and chips were a big serving and had great flavor. Overall the food tasted really fresh and not greasy at all. Delivery was fast and driver was friendly. Will order from here again!


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Honestly, I had my usual taco place. But that restaurant and the food quality was starting to get worse and worse by each order so I decided to venture out for a new place. THIS PLACE HITS THE SPOT! Great tacos and great flavor! The portions are just right! Equal amount of meat with tortilla. Im not deprived of meat in each bite, instead I am happily chewing on that juice meat!! Now my new usual!


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Even though delivery was a little bit late, when I called the place they apologized for that. When delivery guy came he also apologized. The food was hot and tasty. I just want to say that its a lot of food. Also some reviews say that guacamole has extra onion, I didnt find it this way, Id say it gives it more spice and makes it more delicious. Loved it! Thank you!


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Best food ! Love it ! We always order the same thing. Well cooked. Love the tamarind juice. When I ordered the tamarind I used to get the plastic cups with a lid it's reusable. This time i got regular cup with straw. Preferred the other one. Other than that great food. Till now haven't called to complain.

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OMG the best guacamole I've ever had in my life. My boyfriend ordered some for himself and I ate his leftovers because I loved it so much. I might just have to order some later. Hands down this restaurant has the best and freshest guacamole in all of Brooklyn, NY. I am so happy that I ordered from this place and I will continue to order from them. Their prices are very reasonable as well. $7 for a huge plate of fresh guacamole and homemade chips was worth every dollar. It was soo delicious that I think next time I'm going to order 2 of them for myself and they give you big portions. This is my new favorite Mexican restaurant. Can't wait to try their other dishes!!!! Keep up the good work Super Taco. Your food is amazing!!!!!


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i can't believe how delicious this food is!! I have ordered from this place multiple times in the past and they never disappoint! I think it's safe to say that I am addicted to their banana milkshakes lol. The people that work there and their delivery specialists are very kind and pleasant. I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant to any and everyone. Will definitely order from again!


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Will order from here again. Sometimes they forget a soda. But they make up for it in quality food


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Awesome selection of foods. Well prepared, and tastes great. Also open late which is a huge plus.


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Food amazing, and prices are really good! Also service is excellent! My food got here warm!

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